The Young Perspective on Europe

Europe is a multi-level governance system and participation in European democracies starts at grassroots level. Yet, every day’s news show that policy-makers, both at the European and national level, are disconnected from citizens’ daily considerations and that Europe is too often perceived as an elite project. To turn this around, FutureLab Europe encourages young Europeans in their active citizenship efforts at their level, i.e. their communities. It offers the young citizens of Europe the concrete chance to shape the reality around them by providing support for the implementation of their own projects. At the same time, the programme connects young and active citizens, who have a strong interest in matters of European relevance, mainly democracy and participation, equal opportunities for young people, and European identity. Participants of FutureLab Europe develop their own ideas and positions and take responsibility and actions by implementing their own projects, while using them to address decision-makers with specific messages.

Aged 20 to 30, the 105 participants of FutureLab Europe from 30 countries – EU and non EU-  focus their activities on the following topics of European dimension:

1. Democratic values in Europe:

What can we, as young Europeans, do to ensure that Europe’s democratic values are at the basis of our societies?

2. Equal Opportunities:

How can we, as young people, ensure that our society and economy offer the same opportunity to all of us?

3. European Identity: 

Has European identity a meaning for us, as young people, and how can we contribute to further foster it?