04. December 2014


FutureLab Europe is proud to announce the launch of ‘The Hidden’, a short documentary film on the widely unknown social phenomenon of hidden homelessness, by FutureLab Europe participants Christoph Janosch Delcker(Director) and Marian Cramers (Executive Producer).

The documentary gives a voice to those people who have a roof over their head, but no home of their own. These are people who are forced to sleep at their partners’ places, in squats, or on couches of friends, because they can’t afford to find a place of their own.

There’s Aisha in Birmingham (UK), who lives in temporary housing after being abused. There’s Dan, who squats an old building in London (UK), without wanting to be a squatter. There’s Dagmar, a fallen entrepreneur who sleeps on the couch of a friend in Erlangen (Germany), neglecting that she is being evicted from her own place. And there’s Biggy in Cologne, Germany, who spent many years of her life sleeping rough, and who is one of the very few to find a way back into society.

According to Executive Producer Marian Cramers ‘There are many stereotypical images of a homeless existence. In our search for the reality of hidden homelessness, Janosch and I have tried avoiding that all too common path as much as possible. What surprised me however, is how clearly our protagonists met our suspicions that there was more to precarious hiding than for example alcoholism or migration’.

Combined, the stories of “The Hidden” are an alarming indicator for societal changes going on in the rich EU countries Germany and the United Kingdom, unnoticed by mainstream media; a growing difference between the rich and poor in two societies that become less and less permeable.

I believe that the EU does not sufficiently recognize and/or fight hidden homelessness as a phenomenon, which is probably due to its nature: It’s hidden, it’s not as visible and graphic as actual homelessness, and therefore, it’s easy to neglect and ignore.” says Director Christoph Janosch Delcker.

The documentary has been screened at the European Policy Centre, 14-16 Rue du Trône/Troonstraat, 1000 Brussels, in occasion of a Policy Dialogue on the theme of Social Inclusion on March 31, 2015.